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We prepare the Best Traditional Barbecue of Brazil. We carry more than 7 types of kebabs plus delish sides!

Delish Kebabs is a mobile Steakhouse “on the wheels”.
 We strive to prepare the most authentic Brazilian-style street kebabs. Our goal is to serve you where ever you are!
 The meat we serve is fresh daily and is grilled over a firewood charcoal (open flame)!

Our bestsellers

Picanha - Top Sirloin

Premium cut top sirloin, juicy tender and triggers the taste buds, served on a skewer.

Bacon sausage

Brazilian style pork sausage

Chicken Calabrese

Combination of chicken and smoked sausage.

Be sure! We get our products entirely from domestic producers

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Unbelievable but true

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It all started when …

Sandro and Heloisa Oliveira decided to bring the taste of Brazil to Jacksonville Fl. They started with a single charcoal grill and a tent and from there have grown into two fully equipped food trucks that serve thousands of people each year. The homemade Brazilian style kebabs have quickly become of staple of Jacksonville’s food culture.

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